Vienmečiai eksperimentai: Koralinis kaprizas

Po truputėlį artėja pavasaris, vėl norisi vartyti sėklų ir augalų katalogus, planuoti šių metų darbus, todėl noriu papasakoti apie praėjusių metų vienmetį eksperimentą. Šį kartą labiau nesėkmingą, nei sėkmingą, bet juk ir tokia patirtis gali praversti. Šis rašinys pratęs puikų Sodelio tinklapyje paskelbtą straipsnį apie violetinius tonus sode ir Rasos Laurinavičienės idėjas apie rožių derinius….

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: January, 2014

The winter is finally here, more than a month late. Last month was a month of rain instead of snow. The temperature was much too high for December and January and only a few days before it fell below zero at night. Today my garden looks at it should look during the winter. Few days…

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: July, 2013

Another wonderful month has passed away. Although Lithuanians usually complain about weather a lot, I can’t find any reasons to be unhappy about this summer. Till this day it was one of the nicest summers I could ever remember. There were a lot of sunny days and lots of opportunities for summer dresses to wear….

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: January, 2013

There is nothing very new outside. The winter is going to stay here for at least two months. January and February usually are the coldest months of the year in Lithuania. Global warming does not impact duration of winter here yet. So in my world of gardening there’s still a lot of time for dreaming,…