Šiandien laisčiau sodą ir stebėjau lašuose žaidžiančias vaivorykštes. O kai į jas dar pažvelgi per Helios 44-2 stiklą, kasdienybė pasislepia.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: September, 2013

This is my twelfth GBBD post and a first birthday of my blog– a small anniversary. The past year was a time of learning: learning about plants, compositions, care, maintenance, and even about photography. Thanks to the GBBD community, all the gardeners who invite to visit their gardens and share their experience– you folks are…

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: July, 2013

Another wonderful month has passed away. Although Lithuanians usually complain about weather a lot, I can’t find any reasons to be unhappy about this summer. Till this day it was one of the nicest summers I could ever remember. There were a lot of sunny days and lots of opportunities for summer dresses to wear….