Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: March, 2013

A beginning of March was full of promise. Days were warm and sunny, snow started to melt away unveiling green buds of spring flowers. Crocuses were just to bloom; I already could see their violet petals. Even tulips shot up. I was looking forward to make a first photo of a real bloom in my garden this year. However the weather changed dramatically; cold and snow returned. The temperature falls bellow minus 15oC during night and remains negative during day time. There were beautiful fogs and frosts last few mornings. In the middle of March my garden is still a nice stage for the winter photography. The only problem, it doesn’t inspire anymore.

Although the weather is cold, days are clear and sunny. It is beautiful to observe how the sun does its job. The thinner layers of snow above the plants melt away and the small “windows” to the garden open.

Looking at my plants through these snow windows I remembered a game we played as children. The game was about making a secret. “A secret” was a small flower arrangement made on the ground in an outlying corner of the garden, covered with a glass sliver and then filled back with a thin layer of soil. Primary aim of this game was to create something very personal, something nobody could find, but in fact the more important thing was to share these secrets with your best friends. I don’t know if children in other countries play such games, but I felt deep nostalgia when I found this video on Youtube.

What sorts of secrets do your gardens hide? Isn’t this the same story of sharing… Happy GBBD! Don’t forget to visit Carols May Dream Gardens.

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  1. Laura says:

    I’m sorry to see that your spring was delayed…how frustrating! And yes, we are sharing our garden secrets. Stay warm.

    1. Aiste says:

      Hi, Laura, a really frustrating thing is that the spring isn’t delayed:) The last snowfall was on April 7th last year, and the first’s blooms of crocus opened on March 28th. So, everything is alright, I just hoped to have an early spring this year. Thanks for coming.

  2. Gayle Madwin says:

    Your snow windows are even better than flowers, for those of us who never get any snow. Thanks for sharing them!

    1. Aiste says:

      Hi, Gayle, thanks for visiting. It seems that you have a lot of beautiful spring flowers and nice time discovering your garden. Good luck making your garden more and more yours.

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